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Originally Posted by MonteCristo View Post
Happy Friday Girls!

This weekend is going to be a bit harder then usual, as my 14yo sister Amanda and I are going to visit my 20yo sister Angie at her college. We'll be hanging out with her friends, going to a movie, and seeing the game, so I know there is going to be lots of soda, chips, etc, that I don't need to be eating. I'm going to insist on doing my exercise while we are there, but I don't know how the food will go. Hopefully I'll have good behavior to report back!
Monte, can you buy diet soda and bottled water to carry along and have for get together? You could contribute low fat popcorn and veggie sticks for munching, too. At the movies, red vines are a lower cal treat, tho have a lot of sugar. And popcorn, without butter is a healthy and lo cal munch for the movie. Have fun and if you do decide to indulge, you have skillz and will be able to pop right back on track and continue your progress.

Hey everyone. I had a good day, yesterday. Stayed on track and drank a bit more water than usual. I am hoping for a good number, come Monday morning.

I think my wrists are getting thinner.
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