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This is a very interesting discussion.

I bought the book, but have yet to find any time to crack it open. I did hear on a previous thread that the gist of the book was to follow the Primarian diet which was rather like the Paleo diet. At that point I had to look up the Paleo diet to see what it was. What I found was that it seems to be the diet that my doctor has recommended that I follow (via the use of the book Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution). Although in his diet, Dr. G does not allow the use of artificial sweeteners (except stevia).

I like the concept of following the Primarian diet 90% of the time. I've really had a hard time wrapping my head around the no grains, even if it is whole wheat concept. But I've been trying. Really hard. I've managed to forgo breads and pastas for breakfast and lunch about 13 days out of 14. And the same with dinner--I have pasta or bread only once or twice a month (and then it is only whole wheat). Besides, a lot of us maintainers have a deep belief that if you are forbidden to have something ever again that you will crave it and possibly cave in and binge on it. Everything in moderation is my motto! (Now if I can get my doctor to believe me!)

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