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Dr. Berkeley, I have so many questions for you. I hope you stick around here because in your profession as an obesity specialist you have a unique perspective that most of us here don't.

I guess my main question is why did you approach your book in this way? I really like your blog, and it is obvious from reading it that you really get the ambiguity and constant struggle that maintainers have. I guess most of us here on this board could fall into that 5-20% of successful maintainers, whatever successful means, and so may not be your primary audience? And everything you say in your post is indeed in your book somewhere, but it was just dominated by the 12 Rules.

I find myself wanting to have a more in depth discussion with you to ask more followup questions, because it is obvious from the bits and pieces that I did really like that you have a lot more information there. What if this doesn't work, or what then? I guess that is where I found myself frustrated. Perhaps it is the nature of a book, which is a static thing written for a specific audience, and the information presented must be selective, versus a blog, which is often more interactive?

My second question would be, do you really see such a drastic difference in weight loss and maintenance in your practice? That really surprises me--it is so alien to my own experience and I know some people around here have modified their plans, but your book seems to call for such an abrupt shift.

I must thank you for thinking about maintenance and making the effort to write about it. It is a topic that is so often ignored, and I think it is so important.

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