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You can do it! It will get easier! I am almost done with my weight loss portion of the plan. I have lost 60lbs and have 15lbs left. After about a month my cravings went away, ya stuff still looked good but I was able to control it. I have even cooked for other people stuff I can't eat myself!

A variation for chicken that makes it really moist and yummy is marinading it in fat free Italian dressing. Delish! As for the veggies I eat a lot of romaine lettuce salads, tomatos, red bell peppers (they are sweeter than green), cucumbers, steamed green beans, steamed broccoli, and steamed broccoli/cauliflower mix.

You totally can eat out! A good dish I like at Applebees is their garlic herb chicken, its newer on the weight watchers menu. It has a great garlic herb sauce on it which I was told was fat free itailan dressing and an herb mixture, steamed broccoli, and a few baby potatoes (which I eat instead of a baked potato). In general grilled chicken, steaks, shrimp, and grilled fish are pretty safe to eat when going out to eat. I have eaten out quite a bit on the plan and I have been pretty successful!

I know its a lot of the same repetitive foods, but to me it was worth it! I love my new body...and I'm still loosing! So far I have went down 10 pant sizes...and the size I am in is starting to get too big! I am super excited, and my weight loss has motivated my boss to join Slim4Life! I know you can do it! Just hang in there!


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