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I dedided to jump in here with a combination of info on me and my DH ALvin. He's the one who had the actual surgery, but I have the "living with it" job.

name: Barbara (Alvin)

location: Both born & Breed in Dallas Texas

age: 55 (he's 5 days older!!!)

marital status: married 36 years in Jan.

children/ages: Michael 35, Mark 34, and one grandson Nathan age 4 (he's Mike's)

occupation: We own a business that sells parts for Mustangs. Our website is

pets: We have 2 cats at home Odie and Oliver, and 2 cats at work Blacky and Smokey

Hobbies/Interests: We both like antiques, are involved in our Church, and love horsesracing. Myself personally, I consider my hobbies as weight loss and nutrition, needlework crafts, AVON and reading

Height: Almost 5' 6" for me 6'2" for Alvin

eye/hair color: brown eyes, and highlighted hair for me, brown hair , red hair gone dark for Alvin

starting date of weightloss journey: His surgery was April 19th 2002. and I started anew on 5/1/02

starting weight: on day of surgery his weight was 577. My previous weight that was "Official" was 293 for my pre-op exam for my knee replacement surgery on 2/1/02

present weight: his about 475, mine 263 as of Tuesday (on the same doctors scales as the 293)

goal weight: His is 250, mine is about 156

anything else you would like to share with us: Just that it's as difficult for the "caregiver" for the WLS patient as it is for the patient.(except I don't throw up

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