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I can certainly relate. When I first decided to get rolling on a better eating plan I had a terrible time trying to get enough calories in because the only veggies and fruit (I thought) I liked - or should I say, thought I could choke down - were grapefruit and broccoli. Broccoli is really filling but doesn't have many calories so I would be absolutely stuffed and still way short on the calories. But, as Mandalinn said, your taste buds actually do change (or maybe they just emerged out from under that coating of trans fats and chemically processed food I'd been burying them in ) and I discover new things I actually do like almost every trip to the store. Case in point: blueberries. Never liked 'em unless they were baked into a muffin. I decided I was going to "make" myself eat some because they have good stuff in them. Lo and behold, all of a sudden I can't get enough of them. I even like to pop frozen ones in my mouth after dinner as a dessert. Whoda thunk? I will usually buy just one of something that looks interesting so I can taste it then decide if I want more - you'd be surprised how often I stop back by the store the very next day . So hang in there, give your tongue a chance to adjust to clean foods then go sampling. You may not like everything you try but I betcha you'll find more stuff you do like.

Dieting is hard. Maintenance is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard.
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