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Hiya Auddie!!

on Day 1 Induction! You CAN do this!!!

Well...regretably, no, I haven't started Pilates yet. Its been one of those weeks here...the latest being, the water in my town could possibly be contaminated with E Coli (which, incidentally I learned after I had 4 glasses of water that morning!) So...I've got to boil water before I can drink it, cook with it or brush my teeth with it. Its lots of fun! NOT!!!The town is supposedly "working on it" it will be over soon Today is my late day at work and I'm really looking forward to just coming home & relaxing!

So...its now between Archie & David Cook. Ohhhh I am praying real hard David Cook wins because I truly believe he deserves to...but...I'm afraid I have my doubts. Those little teeny bopper girls will be dialing their fingers off voting for Archie! Don't get me wrong, he's a cute kid...but...he's not idol material. But...the bright side is, even if David Cook doesn't win...he'll do just fine!
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