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I have tried all of the milks, rice soy and almond. The soy seems to have a more earthy flavor than the other two kinds. Not bad, but just it seems stronger to me.

You can get soy cheese at your regular supermarket. At least I can out here. I've also had almond cheese. I like the soy cheese and use that exclusively. The brands I get have no saturated or transfats and do contain good fats. They melt pretty well. Not as well as full fat cheese, but better that fat free dairy IMHO

There are different types of probiotics out there. I get some that come in kefir, but there are also ones that come in other drinks, yogurts as well as in pill forms. The ones in my kefir are differnent than the pill form I was taking so you'll have to cehck the lables on your items to see what it what. Each of us reacts differently to probiotics so one that works for me may not work for you. It's really hit and miss.

Don't know about the pasta. I've never seen that note on my whole wheat pasta package before.
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