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Blessing this morning,
It is raining here and gloomy. Things are going well it was a tough day yesterday with the viewing. Thank all of you for your prayers and support. I showed my DH all the well wishes you posted and it really touched him how much you all cared.

Ginny-Will keep DH in prayers. I know what you mean by stubborn mine is to!

doitforme-I have never heard of curves what is it?

Patricia-I know it is so hard to go on after losing someone but after a suicide there is sooooo much guilt! Why didn't I see this coming ect..... Hindsight is 50/50. It really helped me to go to a support group. Look in the phone book and see if there is a support group close (it was free) I went for a year after my brother and it helped me get through it and go on. My prayers a with you and your family.

Again thanks so much for your prayers they are helping us through this.
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