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Not losing weight. Too many or too few calories?

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I tried talking with her but she just starts crying and..it's too much to deal with. I had been getting better with stress and getting 8 hours of sleep a night after quitting my morning job, but her snoring on my couch has made it really hard to sleep now. I've tried talking to her but she keeps saying she has no money to move out.. despite spending $500 on a new tattoo a few days ago.. :/

The only upside is that it motivates me to go to the gym so I can get away from her. I got a really good HIIT treadmill session in and did weights as well.
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Ah well, you got yourself a problem. At the least, if she's going to be there, you may have to get tough about how she lives in your place so that don't hate being there. I can't imagine anything worse than wanting to be away from home because someone who doesn't live there normally is there.

I hope you can find the strength to deal with it effectively. At some point she's going to have take responsibility for her own life.
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Originally Posted by Kelli21 View Post
Scale still isn't moving. Joined a new gym and have gone 3 times in the past week. Quit my morning job so I'm only working 50 hours a week instead of 70+. I'm still very stressed out because I decided to help a friend out. I said she could stay with me until she got her own place. Instead she's spending money on everything but moving out, laying on my couch for days on end, and eating bacon, pizza, and mac n'cheese daily. It's really hard to stay on diet when I come home to my house smelling like bacon and pizza...
Your friend needs to leave, the sooner the better. It's having a negative effect on your health. Setting limits is a key part of staying healthy that so many of us need to learn. Your friend will be ok and will find somewhere to live. Be firm and take care of yourself!
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-Sleep ABSOLUTELY contributes to weight loss. If you aren't sleeping enough, you probably aren't losing weight. 8 hours is ideal. Sounds like quitting that job may benefit you.

-Like a few people have said, you may need to increase calories. Additional tidbit... try and make those calories protein. During my last plateau, I didn't have calories to add so I changed my breakfast to a 30g protein shake and 2 days later I was down 2 lbs. Some research says the body can't actually absorb more than 25g protein at a time, but whatever it was on sale and it worked.

-I had a friend move in with me when she was down and out. We worked together at a restaurant. Luckily my manager gave me the advice to have the "when are you planning on moving out" convo a day after she actually moved in. I'll never be able to thank her enough for that advice! I'm sorry you don't have that option, but here is what helped me. Hopefully you can adjust something to make it work for you. The biggest thing for us was that my lease was up in 2 months. I actually told her that she could crash on whatever couch I had, but it did seem to give her more motivation anyway. Maybe you could put a time limit on it. Some states require 30 day notice even in this situation. So give her some written notice. I was looking for a place so whenever I came upon a place that fit her- i sent her an email with the info. I know its extra work for you, but you could do that if you want to motivate her. My friend couldn't save money, it was like she was allergic to it. So I made her give me all but $20 of her money at the end of every shift = No tattoos for her! She had enough to move out by the time my lease was up. She also stopped buying junk food since she would save the $20 for more important things- like alcohol- whatever, at least the smell of Jack Daniels didn't make me hungry . If she isn't willing to do that, you could just start charging rent and save it so you can kick her out guilt free in a month. She'd probably be more motivated to move out faster if she wasn't freeloading.

-The best part about these little things is that they are taking strides towards your goal and hers. Just knowing that progress is happening removed so much stress for me and my friend. She was not happy about me taking her money the first day, but by the third day she was excited to give it to me. Of course waitresses have a huge amount of instant gratification and she saw the numbers add up fast. Not sure if any of this will help you, just offering a little different perspective than the "just kick her out advice."

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I actually did end up kicking her out. She was eating all of my gluten free food, waking me up at 1am when she would sneak into my home, and left my freezer wide open one day, ruining a great deal of food. I tried to be a good friend but after the way she treated me I had to kick her out. The good news is that since eliminating that stress and increasing my food intake (lots of veggies and lean protein) I'm down 10lbs. Finally!
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