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Be Fine in '09
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Red face WANTED: Tips for A Newbie during BBQ Season!

HI! I'm Lela and new to the site. It's great too see all of the support.
Soon I will be calling it swimsuit season but for now it's BBQ
I see that there are a lot of challenges/goals.
Would anyone like to join me or start a thread for a "4th of July challenge?"
I have 2 mini goals of 30 pounds each
Does anyone have any advice for keeping with the diet/exercise program? AND being accountable?
I lost 20 pounds with WW but after I stopped attending meetings, I can't seem to stick with it. I do good for a couple of weeks then fall off and gain back what I lost ....must have been the accountability and support.
Suggestions? because it's summertime BBQ BBQ BBQ... and those ribs and potato salad are already calling my name
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Stick to chicken! Fill up on salad first and then go in with a tiny plate for the salad and the ribs. Or you can plan them into your diet and go very light with food before the BBQ day.

Or even Grill up some fish!!!
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Be Fine in '09
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thanks Zombie - my brain knows whichs foods to eat but my belly doesn't. The temptations ohh the temptations.
Anyone successful with WeightWatchers without going to the meetings?
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And if you have to have chips, get the baked kind, with no flavors.
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ursurvivor, I have never been to a WW meeting but have been successful on my own. It can be really hard sometimes without having that kind of accountability, can't it? But you've already done so well, I know you can get back on track, even with all that potato salad calling your name!!
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Be Fine in '09
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Height: 5'9


Thanks everyone for the advice. I've been doing good so far.... After watching the biggest loster and seeing Jerry and Stella's success, I know that I can do it

"Because I am a work in progress, I must congratulate myself on the advancements that I make each day" - Me
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I do WW online - no meetings. And I love it! I also bought a food scale online for like $15 and that was definitely worth it. You have to measure out your food (ex: X number of baked chips is 2 points) A good amount of grilled chicken is 3 points (I'd have to weigh it)... crystal light. No sugar added pudding. Corn on the cob or grilled veggies with a bit of spray oil on it only. OR... which I love... Boca burgers with LITE wheat buns (boca burger 1pt, lite bun 1 pt)

Hungry girl online or her books are great with a lot of tips for everything including grilling. I'm so Pro WW... I've lost 25 lbs so far! And I can eat whatever I want (lastnight I had grilled chicken from KFC)... it's just in moderation and portioned. And you can always workout more for extra points.
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MMMM BBQ season is my favorite!

There are so many great lo-cal options. I don't even get tempted by the fatty potato salad and stuff anymore.

Fill up on grilled chicken and veggies. Find a seasoning you like and you can grill most anything and make it taste delicious! I love to fill a foil packet with veggies, garlic, a bit of Olive Oil, and salt an pepper and put it on the grill while my chicken is cooking. SOOO yummy. My kids gobble it up too!
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I love to grill everything! Stellarose on here introduced grilled avacados to me too and I have yet to try it but hear good things about it!

I'm super big on grilling, so I grill green beans, asparagus, corn, zucchini, onions, romaine, etc!!! All you need is a lil bit of olive oil just to coat, sea salt and some pepper! SOOO GOOD! Also, all of these things do very well under the broiler! The BEST thing to do for you and your cravings are to buy it, and cut it up into single serving sizes, that way, when you go to grab another, say stack of ribs, you know you are having 2 servings,and can tell your self NO! I've never been to WW or done the Online thing, but I follow the old core plan pretty much, and it's done wonders for me! I am in love with veggies now and try and replace snacks with fruit! Good Luck Lela!

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Grilled avocados are amazing...

Also, I've recently tried grilling yucca - its kind of like potato but less calories.

Now that summer's coming and the guys will have the "real grill" going every night, I'm DEFINITELY grilling artichokes.
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I think my favorite is to stick Asparagus,garlic and olive oil in a foil packet and toss it on the grill..I could eat it all day.

Veggie Kabobs are good too. Tomato, onion, green pepper, mushrooms, zucchini etc brushed with oilive oil or a low cal dressing.

Chicken is always a good BBQ food or if you really crave a burger maybe try a Turkey Burger.

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This was on yahoo today
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