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Originally Posted by Suzanne 3FC View Post
Searching around online, I can't find any references to the product other than some forum spam, and their own website. They seem to work hard at hiding the ingredients within their site, and talk mainly about the benefits of alli.

However, one page in their powerpoint presentation says it's simethicone. This can be purchased at any drugstore under the brand Gas-X and a few other well known brands.
They hide the ingredients? That's lovely! And thanks for the info on Gas-X. I will try my best not to go over the limit with the fatty foods. Since I'm starting the Deliciously Yours, I should be okay...but for those "slip ups" maybe I'll have to grab some Gas-X. I personally am okay with the nasty stools. That doesn't make me nervous. I'm just worried about when I'm teaching at school. I may need to make a mad dash to the bathroom!
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