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Maybe BettySue has bad knees. I know when people do, they are afraid to walk down hill bc of the sensation of their knees giving out on them and making them fall. That could be why she scooted down the hill, bc of fear her knees would buckle.

Matt & SUzy hooked up at the finale. There's an interview with them where she talks about being excited to go back bc she thought there was a spark b4 they left the ranch, but wasn't sure, you know how that is. So she was interested to see if he would pick up where they left off. She said they didn't see each other before, so the shock value would be real, and then during the taping, there was no time to talk, and when he won, they whisked him away to do all the stuff he needed to do. Apparently, there was an after party and only at that did they finally get the time to talk alone and I guess he asked if he could call her or they could meet the next day, and the rest is history! So no, there really was no connection on the show. Even in the final episode at the ranch that I watched on NYDay, Matt was still rolling his eyes at her when she broke down crying at her final weigh in.

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