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Default My 2 cents' worth

Hi, I hope it's not too late to add a comment.

I'm really new to weight maintenance, and I read this book as I have some others, hoping to pick out some ideas that will help me keep on my path. No help from this quarter, was my conclusion! I felt sad and a bit angry about the whole view that so many people seem to have - that expecting to lose weight and keep it off qualifies you as either foolish or crazy - and that this book wanted to prove that point in the worst way.

I can't add to what so many others have said in earlier posts about the assumptions and views put forth in the book, they have done it so well. For me, I had to remind myself that I've already beat the "system" by losing so much weight, even beyond where I thought I would, and that it's been relatively easy if I look at it in the context of those experiences described in the book. I think what I did just fit my particular situation really well, and I'm very grateful it has worked out that way. So I really appreciate having this site around to give me a reality check, rather than relying on books like this for encouragement and help. Thanks!
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