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Kim, I've never read anything about men having fewer issues with excess skin than we women do (or about thicker skin - that's a new one for me ). My feeling is that they're just like women and some lucky ones have no problems and other have major problems, with all the gradations in between those two ends of the spectrum.

I think it's hard to generalize from photos that people post online. For one thing, it's easy to camouflage and tuck in skin under clothing. Also, those who post pictures are the ones who probably don't have skin issues and are comfortable with their new bodies. Guys who are left with a lot of excess skin probably aren't going to want to post pictures.

You're right that men have the potential to add a lot more muscle mass to fill out loose skin, though it still wouldn't do much for the ab area where many men carry most of their weight. A guy could definitely bulk up his biceps, lats, or quads, but chances are those weren't major skin trouble spots. Lots of formerly overweight guys have issues with gynecomastia (man boobs) and have that surgically fixed.

It is a very interesting question and I wish we had more guys here to give us their perspective.
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