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Should I stop eating at night/in the evening?

There are lots of plans, and old wives tales that mention not eating in the evening, or snacking after dinner.

If you are a calorie counter, and you stay in your calorie range for the day, then there is absolutely no problem with eating a snack after dinner in the evening.

The problem that can sometimes occur, is that many people watch tv, or sit in the recliner in the evening, and as a habitual thing, they munch. Mindless munching-hands in the chip bag. Lots of empty calories. This is a prime binge time for many.

However, if your snack is portion controlled, and you are within your daily calorie goals, there is nothing wrong with having a piece of fruit, a bit of cereal, or a bite of chocolate in the evening. It will not effect your weight loss. Calorie in vs. calories out, over the course of time, is what causes weight loss-and it makes no difference if that 100 calorie snack was eaten at 10am, or 8pm.

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