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Default 150! I guess I can't eat them all in one day, LOL.

Hey Glory87, you're my inspiration, ever since I read your thread on "goal" I've been concentrating on the 15 foods thing and had some success (7 pounds/5 weeks, not bad!)

I was wondering what you thought about the 150 foods book, I'm going to order that!

Hey if anybody's into gardening, last year I really got into the "Rene's Kitchen" brand swiss chard (grown from seed, VERY EASY!)

Not only is it DELISH sauteed in garlic and olive oil (with whole grain pasta and tomatoes) but it looks so pretty in the garden with the rhubarb-color streaks in it. Amazingly nothing bugged it bug-wise either. That and spinach and mesclun mix lettuce were by big successes last winter and they really did help keep the holiday weight gain at bay, cuz I didn't have to shop for veggies during that hectic time of year!
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