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The recipe that I have has been posted in the newbie pages. It is a much much cheaper substitute for the LA Take Off juice which is $26/bottle. The bottle lasts 2 days. This recipe calls for Two bottles of Knudsen's Breakfast Blend juice (1 for each day). You mix 26 oz of juice, 6 oz of water, and 8 tsp of Benefiber or Fiber Sure. I paid about $3.50 for each bottle, so that is a total of $7.00 instead of $26.00 for the juice.

I am on the LA Express Diet, but mine is just the name for a special that they were running for $249 that they called LA Express, and it is just the weight loss portion of their program without the stabilization or maintenance. I have unlimited weeks to lose the weight. That is when the centers were using color coded plans, I am on the Red Plan. Now some of the centers have switched from color coded plans to a newer plan, and they are numbered. The first 4 weeks is the express plan which restricts the kind of protein and starch you are allowed. No beef and some other changes (they are on the thread somewhere) but then you get them back. think that is just to get your body burning calories and fat better. As I said, I am still on the color plan. I started about 1 month ago and have lost 17 pounds with about 80 to go.

Good luck, hope this helps.

Here is the page from the plan I have for calculating which plan you should be on depending on weight you need to lose and your age, activity level.
Healthy Females 28-65 years old:
ideal weight + 10 = green
Ideal weight + 25 = gold
Ideal weight + 60 = purple
Ideal weight + 80 = Red
Ideal weight + 100 = Red1

For Men - 18 years and older
Ideal weight + 70 Purple or red
Ideal weight + 100 = red
Do NOT drop below the purple plan

Activity greater than 5 hours a week, Male and Female
Ideal weight + 100 = Red
Ideal weight + 150 = Red1
Do NOT drop below the red plan.

Sorry, ran out of space in in the above post. If anyone needs the breakdown for the cardiac male and female, shift worker, male and female, senior female, just email me and i will post them too. This was from a couple of years ago and I am not sure if they changed any of these guidelines.

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