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I moved to Pueblo West from Grand Junction about a year ago - I lived in Junction for five years! I still come back for business every two months. I don't want anyone I know to read this either! This site is so awesome, I lost about 12 lbs in the past two months - much of my inspiration has been reading other stories, getting tips and posting/venting. I have about 7 months until I turn the big 40 and my goal - to hit the big 40 in the best shape ever. I'm lifting weights and you wouldn't believe how great I already feel, I have hard shoulders and arms - and if I could get rid of the fat it'll really be great. Hey if you are in Junction you can get a bike and ride along the river trail, that would be fairly easy. Or go hike up in the mountains. I never did join the gyms while there, I can't remember, is there a ymca? I joined one here and didn't go a whole lot but it was motivation just being around others working out. Good luck!

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