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Meg, great questions as usual!!

First, I do believe we are different in many respects, though here I have less science to back me up.

I do think there are lots and lots of "never fat" women out there who watch what they eat and are sure to get lots of exercise, just as I do now. There are also lots and lots of "never fat" women who stay thin without really thinking about it or focusing on it. I have yet to hear of a "format fat" woman who can get away with that. That is the difference. I think it IS possible to keep the weight off, but only through monitoring food, exercise, etc. That's a big way in which these differences under our skin manifest themselves.

What does that mean for maintenance? I do think that my body is going to be faster to gain weight than many ďnever fatĒ people. I think I will have to work harder than they will.

For me personally, one implication is that I am not necessarily planning to get to a ďnormalĒ BMI. I do hope to further reduce my body fat % and maybe lose some more weight in the process. I am trying to set more fitness goals and find exercises I enjoy. But I am not setting any lower weight goals (at least for now). I figure I have enough on my plate and enough difficulties staying right here. And Iíve made some amazing accomplishments. Iíve lost 40% of my starting weight, and am already healthier and fitter than I ever have been in my life. Iím thrilled with all the things I can do and the things I am willing to try. I feel I have gotten my life back.

I figure I could set lower weight goals, but that idea just stresses me out, and makes me rebel. I am just not willing to put in that additional effort on top of everything else Iím doing. And Iím okay with all of this. And maybe someday I will set lower goals. Just not now.

Please note, Iím only talking about me and not anyone elseís decisions or choices.

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences
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