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Do you agree that obesity is unacceptable in our society, despite the fact that 2/3 of us are overweight or obese?

Most definitely. In fact I'll go even further, I've seen and read people attack a person for being too fat when in fact the person is a healthy size and/or has a flaw like cellulite despite being thin. It's ridiculous.

What about prejudice against fat people - have you experienced it?

It may sound stupid, but I honestly don't know. For the longest time I had such low self-esteem that it clouded my judgement. And when I decided to accept myself, I just didn't care what other people thought.

Do you agree that it's the last remaining socially acceptable prejudice?

It's definitely not the last remaining prejudice, but it's definitely socially acceptable.

Do we blame the victim, and if we do, is it a fair criticism? Can we do better than "eat less, move more"?
There is so much more to weight and weight loss than simple mathematics.

My major weightlosses have always correlated with eating more calories, not less. Right now I eat 2500-3000 calories a day and I'm still apparently losing weight.

The only real difference between now and being overweight is that I exercise five times a week and eat a healthy diet. The only time I eat junk is for dessert after dinner.

I don't have a problem criticizing a person that complains and never even tries to fix the problem. However weight loss is tricky simply because there are so many variables at work. Unfortunately many people think that since diet and exercise work for them, then it must work for everyone.
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