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Speaking of prejudices against the overweight . . . since I have lost weight I have heard my fiance's family saying some pretty nasty mean things about overweight people (e.g. "Did you SEE Mr. So-and-so? He's gotten so fat, it's absolutely disgusting"). It's hard to hear since I wonder if they used to say things like that about me. I know his grandmother at least did because when she saw me after my weight loss she said "You've really turned your life around" (like my life sucked before? yeah right). Plus, my fiance's brother was actually anorexic at one point and I'm sure it doesn't help how his family jokes about binging and purging after big meals and jokes about each other being fat or needing exercise (they are all normal weight).

What makes it extra weird is that his mom is a diabetes nurse, and has been treating morbidly obese people for years. I'm sure she doesn't say those sorts of things to her patients, so why on earth is it appropriate to say about strangers? When is it EVER appropriate to joke about bulimia or anorexia, especially if someone in the room has suffered from it?

I guess that's not really related to the topic, I was just annoyed and needed to vent.
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