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Working My Way Back Down
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Hmmm, lots of food for thought here. I don't have any answers, just personal observations.

I was a skinny little kid who never ever had a weight problem. I didn't reach my full height until I was a sophomore in college - all the way to 5'4" I didn't have a weight problem til I was in my 40's, though I did cycle through about 15 pounds from college to 40ish.

Then there was a period where it seems my metabolism slowed, and I gained much more easily. Was it because I was less active? (I was) pre-menopausal? (I had a hysterectomy at 35) or just aging? Whatever, at that point I started gaining. I went up to 180 and stayed there for a few years, then moved on to 200 and topped out at about 240 when I was 52-53.

In 1999/2000 I lost 70 lbs, and maintained between 165/170 for the next several years. (And to whoever it was that talked about WW not supporting her mother into maintenance because her goal was too high - I'm there! WW did great for me til I got to a point I was happy, but it wasn't where they thought I should be.)

So I really got no maintenance help, but during the time I lost and maintained I was much more active than I had been - lived in Seattle for 8 months and walked everywhere, plus since I didn't have a regular job, I did lots more intentional exercise. Then when I came back to Alaska, I had a job that required me to be more active. When I changed jobs and did less intentional exercise (since I was working at least 40 hrs/week and had a still-ill DH) I slowly began to gain again. But I maintained in a 7-10 lb range for about 2.5 years. But eventually I gained a lot of the 70lbs back. Sigh. I did keep many of my better eating habits, and even improved some

I've been working to get those pounds gone again. (I have a ton of smaller sized clothes that I'd love to wear!) But my metabolism is slower. Because I've been obese - I'm not sure. I had a pretty normal one til I was over 40. Whatever, it's been much much harder to lose this time around. I'm back to doing much more exercise, but while I've gotten smaller from that, I'm not losing any faster.

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