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Originally Posted by wyllenn View Post
I had some of the same questions as Carolyn.

For me personally, my weight did keep going up. I was at 220 for a while... then 250ish... then it just kept going up. Honestly, had it stayed the same, I might have just accepted it and not really done anything about it.

Certainly I have run across a number of people (especially in the 300+ group) who have similar issues.

I don't know that there has been much research on the morbidly obese. The notion of a "set point" might not hold true for that group...
I wonder, because it did feel this way once I got over a certain weight...if at some point it just cascades. At some point the body chemistry is SO screwed up that all "natural" weight control is gone. I remember feeling hungrier and hungrier and lo I was becoming insulin resistant, etc. At some point does the bodies response to food etc. become "broken" either temporarily or if let go long enough, permanently.

Are you BORN to be morbidly obese or do some of these factors she is talking about DEVELOP as a result of being obese. Because I am not discounting Meg's experience and feeling that she would rapidly return if not ever vigilant.
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