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I admit that I haven't gotten this book and I really don't want it. It seems to me to have such a fatalistic attitude toward wt. loss and maintenance and therefore contradictory to my goals and personal beliefs.
This said, I am following with interest the discussion and each person's own ideas and theories.

My mother was a little overweight for most of her life. Only 5 foot tall and a size 12. I never saw her try to lose weight or limit any food at all. My father was 6 ft.4 inches and weighed about 200 lbs. He looked very tall and slender. He could eat more than anyone I have ever known. Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers were morbidly obese and died of complications from diabetes and heart disease.

Both my brothers have never had any wt. problem. Always tall and thin like my dad. All of us girls have struggled with wt. and dieted off and on our whole adult lives.

My mother always cooked lots of fried food, gravies, potaoes, casseroles, chicken and dumplings, fresh breads and cobblers most every night for dessert. But, we didn't have much money and there were 6 kids to feed. So, she did what she could to stretch the food budget. For us, even a simple sandwich was a rarity. We Never dined out. We always had a large garden and we were very used to eating lots of fresh veggies. We had apple and pear trees and that is where we got our fruit. We absolutely never had Soda in the house. We drank milk or sweet tea or water. Even with all the fried food, not a single one of us had any wt. problems until after we moved away or married.

I went to college and discovered both pizza and beer pretty much simultaneously. I also discovered KFC, Taco Bell, Schlotzsky's, Wendy's, McDonald's, and many, many "All you can Eat" buffets. This to me is when Environment took over and my genetic predispostion for obesity collided. I don't at all blame my family. At least we were fed and I was never even slightly overweight when I lived at home.

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