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I agree with alinell and wyllenn. People harbour a *lot* of prejudices, mostly due to fear of the unknown. As a half-Arab girl living in the UK, whose best friend is gay male, and has suffered from severe mental illness I can tell you our society is *rife* with prejudices. I have them myself, including tendencies to 'fat-ism' though I don't like it in myself and work against it. Some prejudices are closer to the surface than others, but when people are under pressure they come out and they aren't pretty.
Rockinrobin: yes. Everyone must figure out how they, personally, can manage to eat less and move more. Though in general I think the US and UK 'time-is-money' culture has quite a bit to do with it - work hard, make money, get stuff attitudes eat up our hours (I'm holding my hand up to this) and our priorities become confused...
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