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Well, I think that it is too fatalistic to say that it is all genetics and there will be barely anything we can do about it if our 20-30 weight range puts us in the 300lbs range.

We do have some control. It isn't all nature and it isn't all nurture.

I actually found the book very disheartening because the main thesis was that weight is largely determined by genetics and even if you weigh 272lbs it will be nearly impossible to lose more than a couple lbs and keep it off. Oh, and if you do want to keep it off you will have to put your body in starvation mode--- permanently. Great. So, there's hope for us all then *she says sarcasticly*. So what the **** are we all doing here then? What is the point of our efforts and 3fc?

I feel that the author's answer would be a soft shrug of the shoulders and a knowing nod of the head and a comment that "Well, a immense minority can succeed, but many of you are just going to fall of the wagon time and again and will never win this battle."

Seriously, that is the vibe I got from this book.

But I choose to believe in hope. I think that there is a point to our community and our individual efforts. I think that it is entirely possible for even most of us to lose weight and keep it off. Maybe not 100's of lbs, but something.

I found the book very interesting but was very disappointed in that it seemed to validate what all of the pro-fat campaigners preach and almost dismissed the fact that any valiant efforts that people make to lose and keep weight off is next to impossible and very likely to fail.

I felt like a curious oddity reading the book because, here I am, sitting down with my glass of water and carefully thinking about all the points the author makes, and she indicates that I am a rare, rare individual (because I have lost, by sensible diet and exercise, over the course of three years, 140lbs). And, maybe I am in the minority with this, but I saw it as offering nothing but bleak dispair to all those who are currently trying to lose massive amounts of weight.

Oh, yeah, this was about genetics, right. So, getting to that point, I would have to say that one of my parents is obese, and only one of my grandparents was slightly obese and to my knowledge, none of my great grandparents were obese (maybe one or two of the eight were slightly overweight). And my only sibling was thin, thin, thin as a child and now in his twenties is muscular, muscular, muscular (but, now he realizes that he has to work a bit harder to keep that beer belly at bay)!

So, genetically speaking, there is possibly hope for me yet. And that, my friends, was the one piece of positive news I gleaned from that book.
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