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"In one now classic study, Colleen Rand, an obesity researcher at the University of Florida, asked forty-seven formerly fat men and women whether they would rather be obese again or have some other disability. Every one of them said they would rather be deaf or have dyslexia, diabetes, bad acne, or heart disease than be obese again. Ninety-one said they would rather have a leg amputated. Eighty-nine percent would rather be blind. (p 69)"

Gina Kolata should have let her readers know that the study group was comprised only of WLS people. What's also missing is how long they have maintained how much weight lost. Do we know from other studies what the success rate of WLS is? How much weight lost can be maintained for how long?

Another thing ...

To me, it was disappointing that Gina Kolata devoted so many chapters to following the stories of a few people of the U Penn study, but didn't wait until the conclussions of that study were published to print her own book.

It seemed that she hand picked Carmen Pirollo, Jerry Gordon, Ron Kraus, and Gaziella Mann to support her own view that those who diet will eventually regain all if not more of the weight.

She also didn't use any of the data from the National Weight Control Registry.

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