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Wow, John, that is a beautiful story. My favorite part about your success is being able to share it so closely with your wife. You are so brave to acknowledge your problems and by doing so, gain control over them.
And you're great to so openly acknowledge compliments. It's good for yourself, and good for others to know you appreciate what they say.

I am on a similar journey that started with being so empowered by my pregnancy (instead of being afraid of it), that I had a pain-free birth of twins that bonded me tightly to them and my husband and my older daughter. I have gradually applied my new attitude to all aspects of my life, and I'm becoming a different person. I think that many, many successful people would agree that your waistline is not the only aspect to change.

While it's hard to know a person's heart over the computer, you seem very learned, confident and dedicated to yourself. Congratulations on all your HARD WORK!
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