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Lots of "free" veggies Sassy mentioned, eaten alone, or dipped in a mixture of 1/2 cup salsa and 1 T. ff ranch dressing. This gives you lots of crunch for not many calories.

Salsa is also good on a baked potato.

Lightly spray some olive oil sweet potato wedges before you bake them - mmmm!

No-sugar-added fudgesicles for 40 calories each takes care of a chocolate craving. The Edy's no-sugar-added "real fruit" bars are very good, too.

A tablespoon of Paul Newman's Lighten Up Honey Mustard salad dressing perks up a turkey tortilla and many other dishes. My kitchen would have to be shut down if I ran out of this, lol.

Ice cream "sandwiches" made from chocolate graham crackers and ff cool whip. Wrap them seperately and freeze.

As bargoo said, Laughing Cow cheese wedges are wonderful!

Take a serving or two of dry cereal to the movies to help stay away from the popcorn.

Green beans have been a staple for me. In a restaurant, I will order a double serving of them, and leave off the potato/starch if there is no health option available to go with the entree.

Wintertime is good for having light hot chocolate. Swiss Miss is my favorite.

I may add more later, but this is all I can think off right now.
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