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Originally Posted by lilybelle View Post
LLV, after switching from Atkins to Calorie Counting about 4 months ago, I try to stay at 50-75 carbs per day. I almost always have Oats or Whole Wheat Pancakes with SF syrup for breakfast. I try to have salad with grilled meat for lunch on most days. Then I have grilled or broiled meat, salad and green veggies for dinner. Snack is usually fruit. Even though I'm no longer really doing Atkins, it helps me to keep my carbs at the lower range.
I think that's a very good idea. The last couple of days I've been eating about 80-90 grams of carbs per day. I suppose that's a little better than 150. And when I looked at why my carbs were that high, it's because I was eating things like English Muffins, buns for sandwiches, tortillas, that sort of thing. I eat a lot of pita bread and that's always the whole wheat. But I was slipping back into some white bread habits there for a while. So it's not really that I need to worry about fewer carbs, I just need to make sure my carbs are of better quality, rather than white breads. Like one day most of my carbs came from whole wheat pita bread and lima beans, which was good.

But white breads and muffins and all that? I need to back off of that stuff.
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