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Default Before you get taken in by testimonials....

Most diet product ads show before and after pictures along with glowing testimonials. Can you trust them?

We've heard from members in the past that noticed the same pictures being used for multiple products.

We've also heard from a tv producer that told us they hire fitness models and film the "after" first, then pay the model to gain weight so they can film/photograph the "before" image.

Now we've just read an article about a woman in New Zealand who discovered that her photograph is being used by an American company to promote diet pills. They simply copied her photo from a New Zealand magazine which was an advertisement for her own company (not diet pills). The same diet pill company also used false claims that Oprah and other celebs endorsed their products, when they didn't.

The next time you see a diet pill ad and that little voice inside tells you that it could work for you because it worked for them, please remember this post. If the pills really worked, they wouldn't need false advertising to promote them.
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