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I'm in this weird thing now where I"ve been alternating. I got the vegetarian DTGo today, and next week I get blue week for Diet To Your Door. I'm trying to decide which to keep.

I talked to Darlene at Diet To YOur Door and did mention that they need really badly to offer more vegetarian options, cause chicken/turkey gets real, real tiresome. She said they are still working on it and hope to have something so vegetarians and vegans can do their plan.

I did order a lot of stuff from MyDietShopz from tasting stuff with Diet To Your Door--protein cookies (choc and vanilla), hot cocoa (with 15 grams of protein per cup), some soups, and a strangely appealing dehydrated sloppy joe. I had that for lunch today, and, although, yeah lots of salt, it actually tasted decently. It's vegetarian (ie soy) and I put it on whole wheat bread. Nice. I also got some of the snacks Diet to Your Door offers from them. So, I was able to substitute bagels (hi protein ones) in my DTYD breakfasts and I asked for only regular cocoa (not the funky mint and amaretto and cinnamon ones.) Their bagels are very nice. The muffins are okay. The cookies I prefer for mid-meal snacks than for breakfast. Or for when I'm having a sweet-tooth attack.

But I wouldn't have found these hi-prot Protidiet et al products without DTYD. I do prefer eating fresh, though, cause it's just better for you than the dehydrated oversalty stuff.

Oh, and the short ribs in the DTG low-carb are really, really, really good. I think I moaned. Only ONE short rib, but tasty. Stay away, gals, from the beef casserole. Hideous meat.

Speaking of meat: DTYD is discontinuing the sirloin steak (it was not so hot), and they'll be introducing some new stuff. Cool.

Still, I'm undecided. I prefer the soups and portions in DTYD, but I like the vegetarian options of DTG . And both have very pleasant people to help you. But DTYD stays in touch better, asking how they can improve it foryou, seeing if you have need of diet advice, etc. That's a nice personal touch. They even called me this week to see how I was doing.

I'm hoping that if I do this for 4 to 6 months, I'll (hopefully) get used to smaller portions and eating protein snacks (I'm so not used to snacking), so I don't eat like a horse. And then I can start making some of this stuff for myself (basically, learn to cook, which I do badly.)

We'll see. I have hope and I ain't giving up yet.

Good luck on whatever plan you choose.

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