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Well, Diet To Go and Diet To Your Door offer non-dehydrated, non-freeze-dried food, fresh foods. You can tell it's a chicken breast (not formed patty) and that the veggies are real veggies.

I agree with Mami that the DTYD snacks are really nice. I just ordered the protein cookies, hot cocoa (regular flavor, which is the one I like best), and protein pineapple-orange shake from an online distributor.

I need this now to teach me portions. I'm whack with portions. I eat like a horse. I fill up plates. I have no sense of moderation. To see what they consider a portion of meat, of chicken, of veggies, etc, is sort of like shock therapy.

I'm not wild about ANY of the food delivery programs (This one has too much poultry and I'm gonna get sick of it real soon), but I have to say that the vegetarian one by Diet To Go came closest to pleasing me. The 1600 calorie vegetarian one had some truly satisfying and nice non-meat meals. Their stuffed shells, mac n cheese, feta and bean wraps, tomato veggie casserole, some of the sandwiches, and lentil salads were great. Their alfredo stuff is less successful, the cous cous is horrible, and those tofu chunks are quite icky. The Mirkin Burger, though, was great, once I put it on some whole grain bread (they served it o na white kaiser roll. WHITE!). The breakfast omelettes are okay, actually, and the muffins are tasty, if exceedinly small and non-filling. Don't like those plain bagels. If you get DTG, I suggest you substitute to make sure you get yogurt plus something breakfasts, omelettes, or the truly delicious pancakes (no kidding, they're SUPER). Avoid the bland, dry waffles, unless you like that sort of thing. I'd also avoid their black bean soup unless you like the strong taste of pepper, instead of nice bean flavor. I was born in Cuba and raised on beans, especially red and black, and I appreciate a good bean soup. This one is just strong, strong on pepper to the point of obnoxiousness.

I may go back to the vegetarian Diet to Go later this month and just substitute like mad in lunch/dinner to get the better tasting stuff and omit the icky stuff.

BTW, I would NOT recommend the low-carb or low-fat DTG, unless you really like to eat a lot a lot a lot of chicken and turkey. And that's the reason I probably won't stay much longer with Diet to Your Door. Too much turkey/chicken, not enough vegetarian options. I will say, that for folks who love chicken/turkey and want to go low-carb, this may work well for you.

It's amazing to me that in this day and age of PETA and veganism, that a health/weight loss plan wouldn't have several menus so that at least one was veggie-friendly? Wouldn't that be cheaper and healthier?

Oh, wel.

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