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After losing my weight I have a few tips.

1: Believe you can do this!! That's the most important in my book.

2). Yes deal with the emotional issues at sometime. All of us have different reasons for overeating... some could be deep dark issues, others could just be simple ones (like the way we deal with stress or anxiety, some people withdraw, others become angry and snappy, I was the one <like many others> who overate>, sadly I am only learning how to deal with stress now).

3. Love yourself (I think this is an absolute must before you lose weight) and relish even small accomplishments (those jeans that were tight are now loose etc)

4). Don't only emphasize a number goal, look towards other goals like wearing those size 8-10 jeans etc. I have 112-115 pounds of lean on me, so yes I do weigh more, a scale's a good indicator of weight-loss, but it isn't an absolute. I had the really dumb goal of seeing my collar bones and they look great!

5). Throw away your "big clothes" (I gave a lot to a friend of mine who was losing weight and needed interim clothing) once you can get smaller ones. Maybe share with friends who are losing weight etc. I wish my WW would have a swap meet on clothes!

6).EXERCISE!! Even if it's parking a few streets over or getting off a few bus stops early, make an effort for a little physical activity everyday.

7) learn from set backs and failure and don't see them as failure, see them as a learning experience. It took me 3 tries to lose weight and I learned something from each of the previous try.

There ya go, some of my tips!

Take care!

To get healthy mind, body and soul!
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