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Good morning everyone. Two logs in as many days. A record for sure.

DH went running with me last night. A good half hour of cardio which left me sweaty and pleasantly exhausted, despite the freezing temperatures outside. Made a delicious dinner of fresh green salad and a pasta and veggie broth soup. After that I did yoga. Missed it the last two weeks, and boy can I tell. I'm not as limber.

This morning we got up early and lifted weights. That seems to be about the only activity I can handle in the morning. So I am feeling really great. However, since I'm used to evening workouts I'm in the mindset that I still need to do a workout tonight. Do any of you feel that way?

Tonight will be a challenge as we're going to a "pre-softball" season meeting with the team at a local restaurant for dinner and drinks. I already planned ahead for my mindset that I'll share a dinner with DH and no beer. Cross your fingers.

Juno - I don't care what you say, I still am impressed. It is so powerful that you're doing it despite the fact it's out of your comfort zone. If ballet isn't benefiting your body, it certainly is your mind. You go girl.

Steph - I agree with PW, you have a way with words. How are the morning workouts going? I say nix of the birthday parties, have the kids bring a special treat. That is too much for you.

PW - I'm glad to hear that food and exercise is going well for you and that you seem to be in a good place. Keep it up!

Hope you all have a good day.
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