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Oh, you're all back! I was afraid you'd all gone away for good! It was so nice to log on and see some messages.

Juno--I worked through the Artist's Way book a few years ago, and you're reminding me how beneficial it was. Maybe it's time to take a second look. I still have the "Treating myself like a special object makes me strong" saying on my bulletin board. I also struggle with balancing my activities. I feel like I live a pendulum life--I'll take on too much, cut back and regroup, and then begin to take on more again. I've been in a very private space for the last year, not doing much in the community, but now I'm appearing in public and taking on some new commitments. That makes it sound like I didn't go out in public, which is not true, but I didn't get involved in many community projects.

Catherine--I'm glad your vacation was good. Slow & steady wins the race, they say (and I often tell myself).

Steph--I loved your post; it is so full of wonderful images--the potato baby and the spitting girl. You have a way with words!

We had a lovely chicken stir fry for dinner, and I have leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. Things are cooking along pretty well on both the food and exercise fronts.

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