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Hi everyone

I've been MIA for ages, so you may not remember me - certainly a few newbies have come on board since I last posted - welcome! Guess I've kinda got BB burnout, I'm on a few pregnancy lists, plus a 'due in April' bulletin board and here too. I'm sure I'll get back into it when I go on maternity leave though - only 4.5 more weeks of work, yay!

Tonight we start our classes, though my bf will miss nearly all of it as he has to give a speech somewhere. Kinda nervous about going by myself, but not really - we do so much of this pregnancy thing alone anyways, makes us tough! We have been painting baby furniture, done the easy stuff, more to go. this nesting thing is very strange - wait til it hits if it hasn't yet. I dyed my lounge (a huge task, but it looks good) and made cushions for it. And I've never, ever sewn in my whole life!

Other than that, I am trying to land a permanent job and have started my postgrad studies for the year. So inbetween these, 5 more weeks of work and 8 weeks til baby, I'm keeping busy!

To those suffering morning sickness, really sorry to hear it. Hope it gets better very soon.

Jeanne - so close!!! Good luck if you go early and I miss it. Hope you are keeping well.

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