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Hello, I'm new but I'm glad there are some other people my age. I have opted now for a non-diet. I don't think they work or ever will. I say this from experience. If this diet I was on WORKED I would still be 30 lbs thinner and not otherwise. I was on a DIET, that emphasized eating good food and exercising quite a bit. I lost weight and felt great, but there were some residual problems and bad habits. I still engaged in some binges and boredom eating. Why do I choose to eat? I don't know. Its the million dollar question. After traveling to Europe, eating well was pretty much out of the question. To make the long story short, I really did not solve any weight dilemma. I still struggle with the problem, and I am concerned about how this issue is affecting the nation as a whole. Diabetes is rampant, the population is grossly overweight, and we just can't solve it. I think that the fat free thing will just have to be thrown out the window, because it has had the opposite effect on us. I know it has for me. I say this after I have had a particularly hard time controlling my eating today. I suppose I am just venting. All I can say is I can't solve this problem, I can only hope that I can manage this eating disorder and use positive mind reinforcement to boost my thinking.
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