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I AM healthy!
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November 26(sunday/ bagel day)

2191 cals/60 grams of fat

November 27(monday/bagel)

1877 cals/ 53 frams of fat

November 28(tuesday/bagel)

2200 cals/ 83 grams of fat!!

November 29(wed/ no bagel!!)

1454 cals/38 grams of fat

November 30(thursday/no bagel)

1664 cals/ 42 grams of fat

December 1(friday/no bagel)

1649 cals/ 35 fat grams

December 2(saturday/no bagel)

1430 cals/40 fat grams

Does everyone notice the first 3 days were days I had those awful bagels and my eating was extremely out of control!! 1700 is what I want my limit to be. , 1800 or so is pushing it, maybe on an out to eat day, but two days of 2200!!!! That is rediculous! And I knew what I was doing cause I always check with fitday but it felt uncontrollable all those days!!

I quit eating the bagels and voila! I was never over 1700! I even had two 1400 days and was full on that! Let me also tell you ladies these beans are VERY filling! I even had enchiladas last nite and I STILL lost this a.m.! Some of you oldtimers know how enchiladas are my weak spot. I made mine separate so I could meausre it out and you know what, when it came time to eaT dinner, I could only eat HALF of what I had planned! So I am saving it for lunch today.

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