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Healthy2007 I highly recommend eDiets express ( This is the only truly fresh food delivery service that I have found, the rest are freeze-dried/dehydrated/mixes and things like that. The eDiets express programm used to be called FreshCuisine, the food comes vacuum packed and tastes as good as something you would find in a restaurant. I began the program in May and since than have lost 64 pounds, I've been posting my progress on this site during this time. That is 64 pounds in 7 months and I did not even stick to the plan 100%, there were many times where I of course ate meals out at restaurants or functions and while I was on vacation for two weeks I took 5 meals with me but ate the rest of the meals outside. My exercise began as just walking in the evenings for 30 minutes to 1 hour and after I became more fit I moved on to 30 minutes on an elliptical machine.

I had tried Nutrisystem and Medifast and some over the counter meal programs before going on eDiets express and they all failed for me. Nutrisystem is good for some people but the freeze dried food just tasted awful to me and I didn't like how inflexible it was. With eDiets I could choose a diet program that I liked which for me was one that was lighter on carbs because I do well when I eat less carbs. The cost is the same as other programs and in general people sometimes get stick shock looking at the costs of these programs but if you factor in how much less you are going to spend on groceries and restaurant meals the cost may not be much different than what you normally spend.

I recommend eDiets express with absolute conviction as it is the first program that has worked for me and I am finally thin (almost) after years and years of battling a weight problem. The best part is it was not hard at all to go on the program, in fact the meals were great tasting and filling.
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