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There IS a dietary supplement that actually might help! It is call SlimStyles PGX (no I DON'T work for the company!) and the reason I like is it because it contains ONLY soluble fiber which is processed in a way to absorb water and swell significantly more than other fiber supplements out there on the market. There are no additives at all that increase heart rate, or "speed your metabolism". This is NOT a "metabolic booster". This product was developed by researchers at the University of Toronto in conjunction with the Canadian Center for Functional Medicine. It clearly states that this product is ONLY an aide to appetite suppression and is useful ONLY as part of a calorie reduced diet. Here is a website concerning the research behind it:
Please keep in mind that:
1. I ABSOLUTELY do NOT believe in a magic pill.
2. Herbal medications can be absolutely dangerous, as they are not regulated under the FDA, so you don't really know what you are getting. Ingredients such as "bitter orange" can cause kidney failure, for example.
3. Metabolic "boosters" only borrow energy from tomorow for results today. This DOES catch up with you, and one will generally regain what you have speedily lost.
This fiber product ONLY claims to reduce the sensation of hunger by filling you up with soluble fiber - it bulks up in your stomach by absorbing water and thus makes you feel full with food, when you are really full with fiber. The worst that can happen is your blood cholesterol is lowered and you are more "regular" due to the bump up in fiber intake.
For you, if you want to curb your appetite, this might be one solution. You might want to do some more web research on it. I find it helpful. It is the only "supplement" I even considered taking, because it specifically does NOT contain herbal supplements to "speed things up".
Just a thought!!!!
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