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Angry Anyone tried 'The Diet Source' supplements?

Okay, this past 10 days has been bewildering to say the least.... grr... I went to the mall to get vitamins for my kids, and while chatting w/ the store clerk, she talked me into trying this box of dietary supplements (four bottles!) called The Diet Source, by Nutritional Concepts. Seemed like a good idea, being that I'm already a vitamin freak, I thought maybe this all-natural plan would help me on my diet journey. So, I plop down the 50+ bucks. It comes w/ a small booklet w/ a diet plan, which looks a lot more high-protien and low-carb than my normal diet of low-fat (more food pyramid based).

So..... after being stalled at 176 for a few weeks, I start this plan, the first day, I decide, I'm gonna follow the food plan too. I lost 2 lbs the first day , 1 lb the second day , and 1 lb the third day !!!! YAY, I thought, this is GREAT. Well, I was doing well, but, the eggs every morning were kind of gagging me, I'm not a big egg eater, so I keep taking the supplements, but go back to my style of eating, (not as high protien), and over the next few days of VERY CAREFUL eating and daily exercise, I put a pound on per day for FOUR DAYS!!!!!!! I'm so disgusted with this entire process... Is there some sort of body revolt that goes on when you come off of a high-protien diet??

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