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Default No Gingered Beef, but I wish I had the Potstickers!

Regarding my recent binge that included Chinese food, I just want to say, with all the guilt about eating when I knew I shouldn't, I ordered food that I didn't really like! I was asked if it was gingered beef, but it wasn't and I wish I would have gotten what I wanted because I didn't even enjoy it. Why do I do this?? Anyway, I have decided to count points once again. I will still focus on the low to no carb meals during the day, but the points system helps me to see what I am actually eating. My 14 year old daugher is doing it with me, and since I homeschool her, shes here all day with me. Poor her, I have contributed to her 50lbs of unwanted fat by making her my eating partner. So anyway, we will weigh in on mondays and have a little accountability meeting before we start school. SO.... I could use some prayers in this area, as I have been at this unsuccessfully for a long long long time. I am so happy to have you all for support, though. You guys have been great already! Looking forward to the journey. I will keep a record of our weekly weigh-ins, and occassional other writings too. Bye for now.

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