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One meal we like is turkey burgers with sweet potato fries and spinach salad. For the burgers, you just mix lean ground turkey with any spices you like, a little bit of egg and breadcrumbs, and lots of diced onion and garlic (I sometimes add a little teriyaki, too). Form into patties and either bake, BBQ, or pan-fry until done. I serve them on homemade buns, topped with tomatoes and avocado slices.

For the sweet potato fries, you just peel and slice sweet potatoes into fries. Toss with a little olive oil, some cracked pepper and sea salt, a good squeeze of lime juice, a little cayenne, and some garlic powder. Give everything a good toss and spread on a foiled baking sheet and bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes - until the fries and soft and caramelized at the edges.

The spinach salad is just baby spinach leaves, tossed with a homemade vinaigrette.

It's a filling, healthy meal - and contains 7 superfoods! It really can be easy to eat this way when you get creative with food combinations. Another idea would be to start with a basic spinach salad, and get creative with additions - some sliced turkey or chicken breast, diced avocado, sliced red onion, a few nuts (walnuts, pinenuts, almonds, etc.), diced get the idea! It's possible to get a tasty, filling, BIG salad that gets many superfoods in at one time.
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