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CJ, I must have posted when you were starting up the new thread. Something very funny happened, so I am moving my post to the new thread.

I'm here and have been watching your posts today. I just haven't had time to put anything into my head yet this morning. Anything that would make any sense.

Last night was the recognition of long service employees - hubby has been working here for 25 years and I have been here for 15 years. It has been a hectic week...two days in Calgary, with a day in Edmonton in the middle. Lots of driving this week, and another 3 o'clock morning today to get to Calgary for 8:00 am.

Didn't do very well at the reception last night - too many tempting foods and stuff, so that makes the third day this week that I have been over my point allocation. Monday's weigh-in will not be pretty. I will try to be good for the next 3 days to see if I can re-coop some of my naughtiness.

Sounds like you are settling in back at home again. I love to go away, but love to come home to my little old house. Shopping? I loooove to shop. One of the fellows that travelled to Thailand with hubby and me has started a rumour at work that he doesn't think anyone can beat me at shopping. Funny thing is, hubby went to China last year. The lady that he went to China with told me afterward that I must fortunate to have him. Her words are: "He shops like I girl. I loved to go with him." Of course, that was 31+ years of training. They don't come in 20 year old models. CJ, go for it...and hurry.

Just a comment for everyone - please keep my daughter in your prayers. When we arrived home from the Middle East, she informed us that she was being sent to New York - Ground Zero to do crisis counselling. She has sent a few emails describing some of the events happening in the Red Zone that haven't hit the news. It has certainly had a great impact on her and will stay with her for always. She also has a 5 month old baby that she had to leave at home with her hubby. She was not weaned when out daughter left and would not take a bottle. Dad has been at home coping with this while she is gone, too. Thanks.

Gotta go. That darn work thing is calling again. I just hear it faintly, but the noise is getting louder...
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