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I know exactly what you are going through. When I was younger I had a really bad drug problem. When I stopped , cold turkey, I had a horrible time. I had panic attacks everyday, all day. I was very depressed. I was terrified to leave the house. I stayed in for 4 months solid. My panic attacks were so bad that I would go to the hospital atleast 3 times a week. Sometimes I would just sit in the waiting room and never check in, because I felt safe there. My biggest problem is that I developed a fear of ANY medication or herbal remidies. So, what was I supposed to do. It has been 7 years since I went through that and I am just now where I can live a somewhat normal life. It took a long time but with lots of prayer and just knowing that my life was in God's hands I got through it. I still can't do things some people do though. I know my limits and what might bring on a panic attack or what to do if I start feeling that way in order to prevent it from happening. I would suggest however that you do see a doctor. I do know a lot of people who have the same problems and are on medication and it seems to work well with them. Whatever you decide to do I hope that your problem will soon come to an end.
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