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Before reducing the total calories you eat, try reducing the percentage of fat. If you are eating 35% fat, that is a good place for you to go down. One gram of fat is 9 calories while one gram of carbs, protein, fiber, everything else is 4 calories. If you bring your fat down to 20% of calories consumed, I bet you you'll see a difference in the rate of weight loss, even while maintaining 1700 calories per day. Besides, you'll be less hungry cuz less fat and same calories equals more food!!! Just fill yourself up with more vegetables and legumes and non-fat dairy, which are healthier and lower in fat and calories.

Calories per day 1,700
35% calories from fat = 595 calories
30% calories from fat = 510 calories
25% calories from fat = 425 calories
20% calories from fat = 340 calories

If you go down from 35% to 25%, you'll be at a 170 calorie deficit for the day, 1,190 calorie deficit for the week. If you go down to 20% fat, your deficit increase to 255 daily, 1785 weekly.

There is a general discussion in the medical community whether going down to 10% of calories from fat is advisable. Though Dr. Dean Ornish recommends it for reversing heart disease. I don't know if you'll want to go down that far, or even if it's possible since you are trying not increase your carb intake. But you should do well health-wise with 18-20%.

Good luck! :-)
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