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I know that not everyone can go to a tanning bed, or feels that tanning beds are safe, but- when I get bogged deep down in the Winter Blues, a visit to a tanning bed helps me a lot! Even just five minutes of fake sunshine is a mood booster for me. And laying there in a bathing suit almost always gets me motivated to get my rear in gear, weight-loss-wise too, lol.

But, I know that sometimes the need for motivation goes deeper than that. I found a really good article online, and one quote in particular resonated with me. The author (a life coach) said that one reason why people trying to lose weight often lose motivation, is because their "objective is motivated by self-rejection rather than self-respect". That hit home BIG TIME for me. Maybe our lack of motivation comes about when we start thinking about fitness the wrong way? When we let the "wrong reasons" for losing weight push the "right reasons" out of the way? I know that it's a lot harder for me to stay on track when I'm disgusted with myself, and a lot easier when I realize that I'm doing this to take care of myself. Just a thought.

Here's the entire article if anyone is interested. She has a whole list of reasons why motivations fail:
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