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Just back from my WI and I asked the counselor about the supps. I don't really have any lack of energy or many cravings, but would love to kick start my lazy metabolism. She recommended that I use the tri-max plus in combination with the new Reduce Plus. Her reasoning was that. since my system can't really tolerate caffeine, that the new Xcel might be too much for me as compared to the Tri-max Plus (plus it's way less expensive) and that the new Reduce Plus is really a great supp to help reduce fat muscle mass and to promote lean muscle mass. She felt that this was important for me since I have just gotten a personal trainer for the next 6 weeks and that this will maximize my efforts at the gym. Price is a bit more than I wanted to afford right now, but I'm considering it. I go back on Friday for my next WI and I want to have a decision by then at the latest. May just bite the bullet and go back later today and get started. Also would be good to get rid of the extra water weight from all that Super Bowl Chili.

Had never even heard of the Reduce Plus before. New products every day there it seems.

Love all your input. Perhaps someone will have more details about these new supplements and what they really do.
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